Who we are

Company founder and CEO:

  • Markus Dubach (1966), Federal Diploma in Business Informatics
  • Education and training
    • Technical vocational baccalaureate
    • Diploma & Federal Diploma in Business Informatics
    • Studies at the Open University with focus on mathematics
  • Work experience
    • 10 years software development with IBM Midrange computers
    • 20 years software development with Microsoft technologies
    • Project management at IT consulting companies and at Swiss Government
  • Information about the personal motives for founding the company can be read in my book.

Markus Dubach

Company:   *** in progress **


What we do in detail:

  • We collect data on missing persons on a cross-border basis.
  • We conduct research and analyses on missing persons cases and in particular look for connections to other cases.
  • We make the information available on a suitable platform and prepared for different recipients (the public, authorities, private detectives, investigative journalists).
  • The more comprehensive the database is, the more effective it is because parallels between missing persons cases can be more easily identified. We are therefore developing the platform into a central data hub.
  • We advise and support relatives of missing persons.
  • We conduct application-oriented research and development in order to use the latest technologies to solve missing persons cases.

Our principles:

  • We know that only true and accurate information can be used. We therefore pay the upmost attention to providing correct, up-to-date, detailed and as complete information as possible about a case.
  • We only publish missing persons cases that have been reported to the police.
  • We only publish data on a case with the consent of the relatives, unless the data has already been made public elsewhere.
  • We do not incite anyone to commit crimes or use unauthorized software tools to obtain information.

Our charitable goals:

  • Serial offenders leave - directly or indirectly - treacherous marks on the Internet, which we want to use to convict them and stop murder series at an early stage.
  • We use the information of the Internet in such a way that fundamental rights are not affected.