Behavioral Analysis (Profiling)

In order to correctly assess the information found on the Internet and to close information gaps, it is important to know the exact behaviour of a suspected perpetrator. We have a profound experience in analysing the characteristics of serial offenders and can therefore predict future behaviour with relative high certainty and bridge missing information about past behaviour based on reference knowledge.

In particular we refer to our own developed classification system* (escalation levels), which enables us to recognize behaviour patterns of perpetrators and qualify us resolving a number of questions, such as the inclusion or exclusion of a homicide from a series of murders, an estimate of the number of murders or how long a perpetrator has been active. More information can be found in the book, part III, chapter 14.2: The escalation levels of evil.

General information about the analysis of perpetrator behaviour can be found in Book Part II: Analysis of Operation Kysak and in book part III, chapter 14: Are we all evil?


* Applicable only to a specific subgroup of offenders