Software Engineering

Would you entrust the design of your house to an architect who knows only a little about bricks? Hardly!


The same applies to the development of software. It is not enough to be able to program; you also need to know how a problem is broken down into program parts and how these have to work together. 


Due to corresponding experience in technically demanding projects, we are well versed in the design of a wide variety of application and system architectures. Knowledge that can only be gained from experience. We will be happy to incorporate this into your projects to ensure that your software has a solid foundation right from the start. 


We have experience in the management of one-man projects with a volume of 100,000 francs as well as large-scale projects lasting several years with many interfaces and stakeholders and a volume in the tens of millions. We are therefore very familiar with the project-specific stumbling blocks and master the methods with which they can be safely avoided. We would be happy to tell you more about this in a personal conversation.