Data Management & -Analysis

The data analysis is divided into three sub-areas in which we are competent:

  1. Data logistics: Data are often not available at a suitable location, in the appropriate form or quality, in order to be evaluated. At first they must be transported, cleansed and transformed. We are familiar with the logistics of data, in particular with the design and programming of ETL* processes based on SQL Server Integrations Services (SSIS).
  2. Analytical data processing: Data in operational databases represent the state of information of a company at a certain point of time. This is not enough for analytical purposes, because changes in relevant parameters over time are often more interesting. We are well versed in the development of data warehouses (DWHs) that map the information layer by layer. Although even today many analyses are still the personal work of proven experts, machine intelligence is making continuous progress. To identify relationships between data, we apply the statistical methods of data mining and use machine learning technologies to enable systems to learn from experience and make future analysis even more accurate.
  3. Data visualization / reporting: It is useless to have collected the data completely and to have drawn the right conclusions from it, if they are not available in a understandable form for the recipients. We know various tools to visualize the data in an appealing form and, if desired, to put it on paper.


* ETL = Extract, Transform, Load