Below is an excerpt of works that can be used as a reference for our competences:

  • Analysis of a missing person case in Canada (Skanda Navaratnam), which ultimately led to the conviction of a serial killer (Bruce McArthur) and the investigation of eight murders (as of July 20, 2018). The data initially came from the Internet (missing persons report, media reports, Facebook and forums). More information can be found in Wikipedia, in a press article, published by the Toronto Sun in connection with my book and in a media report by CTV (competence areas: behavioral analysis, data analysis).
  • Development of the Castem* sample register for the Swiss Federal Statistical Office (SFSO) for the purpose of household surveys on various areas of life of the Swiss population. An excerpt of the results of the surveyed areas can be found in the following documents (areas of competence: data analysis, software engineering, technologies/tools):

  • Transfer of a database from a proprietary software system to an application based on MS-Dynamics for the recourse service of the Compensation Fund of the Canton of Berne. (Areas of competence: data analysis, software engineering, technologies/tools)

Further references on request


Castem: Cadre de Sondage pour le Tirage d'Échantillon de Ménage