Dubach Media & Consulting

<< Solving serious crime with data from the Internet >>

Markus Dubach, Founder & CEO


Welcome to the website of Dubach Media & Consulting. We are a company with the aim to use the potential of the internet to solve serious crimes without restricting the hard-won fundamental rights. We have already proven it twice.. What we do in detail and what services we offer can be found under the individual menu items. 

We cannot do everything alone and are therefore dependent on your help. If you are aware of a missing person case not being listed in our platform, please report it to us (also anonymously).

At the moment we finance ourselves mainly from the sale of the book, the lectures and the software development mandates. Since this income cannot cover the costs of the free services, we are dependent on voluntary contributions. We are pleased about each donation,  with which you support our idealistic and non-profit goals.


If you are a relative of a missing person and need guidance, do not hesitate to contact us.